Nobody wants to be THAT Dungeons and Dragons player. You know the one.

Loose pages everywhere, searching (loudly) for ten minutes to find their notes, annoying table mates by spreading halfway across the playing space, all the while swearing they have what they need right here! before realizing they don’t to a chorus of groans as heads around the table drop, chairs scrape floors, and people take ten waiting for the game to get moving again.

Look, table top roleplaying games like Dungeons and Dragons are fantastic. But having a central spot to store your notes, doodles, thoughts, questions, in-game lore and helpful problem-solving scribbles is invaluable to every player.

That’s where this book comes in.

The Campaign Notebook is thoughtfully designed for players, by a player and contains 100 pages of lined, grid, and blank paper for doodles, notes, maps, and drawings. Now all you need is a DM—but we can’t help with that. Good luck!